To Another Shore

New York City’s Governors Island, combining both open space and historic buildings, has recently been made available public visitation and eventual adaptive re-use. This song explores the rich history of the site. It was published in the advocacy organization(Governors Island Alliance) electronic newsletter and interpreted by a classical guitarist.

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Landmarks Make Them Swoon

A cabaret-style song, to be used as entertainment for fundraisers and media outreach by a local landmarks advocacy organization

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Amsterdam Houses, Rise

This post war housing project, on Manhattan’s West Side, was one of the first to be integrated. The song celebrates this historic role, as returning veterans, and their families, reshaped society. It was performed at the Amsterdam Houses Annual Family Day.

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You Will Find A Story There

LandmarkWest!, landmarks advocacy organization on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, offers an educational module on historic preservation to area schools. The song, created to support this program, leads the audience through the defining visual motifs of local architectural styles.

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The Citizen’s Emergency Committee

This song advocated for a more active, and better resourced, Landmarks Commission. Performed at an organizational event with an ad hoc chorus, the video was posted to the initiative’s internet site and subsequently performed at a local fundraiser.

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