Seneca, Undone

Seneca Village was a vibrant mid 19th century African-American and Irish community, razed by eminent domain during the creation of New York City’s Central Park. It is now the subject of archival and archeological study. But a question of social justice persists, and the song is driven by the tragedy of the Seneca Village diaspora.

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A Yorktown Story

This song celebrates the generations who inhabited the historic Purdy-Strang-Melbourne homestead in Yorktown, NY.  Advocacy included performance on Hudson Valley Arts, a local cable program. Despite a concerted preservation initiative, the homestead was razed.

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The Great War Sword

It was near the Fishkill Supply Depot, that John Bailey crafted the sword worn by George Washington during The War of Independence. This song was developed to create awareness of this important Revolutionary War site, currently threatened with development. The recording and materials were made available to the local site advocacy initiative for publication and event support.

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Rondout Bound

The Rondout, now part of Kingston, NY, was a thriving port in the mid-Hudson valley, shipping coal, brick, bluestone, cement, hay and ice to New York City. This educational song celebrates the vessels, industries workers and travelers associated with this historic maritime district. A link to a recording and materials is available on the local land trust site.

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For Grace

In 2011, an African-American cemetery, which includes the graves of numerous black military veterans, was re-dedicated in Kingston. NY. Until recently, an earlier burial ground had been completely lost to memory. This song was created to support local awareness and stewardship of the sites. A link to a recording and materials is available on the local land trust site.

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