The Governors Island Song Project



Variations on The Theme of 172

Irena Portenko appeared last year at Carnegie Hall, performing the complete Chopin Etudes. Listen closely as she take the theme of ‘172’ for a pianistic jaunt, reaching into her extensive background in classical, romantic and contemporary repertoire, for a smoothly shifting series of approaches to the ‘172’ theme.

Island Reflections

After working on To Another Shore, Kenji Haba visited the island and enjoyed  its new public programming. He was deeply impressed by the contrast between the island’s history and its adaptive re-use for education, the arts, music and simple enjoyment. Here are shifting moods of conflict, historical drama and hopefulness brought vividly to life.

copyright 2010 VolunteerMusic

Island Groove: Fiddler’s Choice

It is common in both Irish and American traditional music for a fiddler to embellish a tune to make it their own. Ranging from nuanced ornamentation, to variations on the melody, to improvisation, this makes the tune new and exciting every time it is played. Ms. Bogacz is inspired by such great fiddlers as Tommy Potts, Martin Hayes, and Tony DeMarco.